Two games into the new Bundesliga season and Bayern is already sitting atop the table. It’s still early days. However, teams expected to keep pace with Bayern are already off the pace: Dortmund has 4 points, Schalke and Bayer Leverkusen are yet to pick up a victory (both picking up losses in their first two games) and RB Leipzig has only managed a draw from two games.

Surprisingly, Wolfsburg—who won last season’s relegation play-off against Holstein Kiel to maintain their place in the Bundesliga—and Hertha Berlin, like Bayern, have maximum points from two games. However, given their lack of strength in depth, this early run will eventually come to an end. Even more so with the current international break.

No team stands a chance of dethroning the Bavarians anytime soon as they consistently plunder their closest rivals for their talented players. In the past few years, they’ve signed Götze, Lewandowksi, Rudy, Süle, Gnabry, Goretzka, Hummels, and Ulreich; all players who were crucial to their teams’ success and/or survival. Additionally, some teams—like Dortmund and Schalke—continuously sell their best players, not only to Bayern but also other teams around the world. There’s no question, these are contributing factors to Bayern’s dominance in the league.

Last season, Munich won the league with five games to spare. The season before that they were able to do so with three games in hand. In both campaigns they easily won the league, finishing with a significant point advantage over the 2nd place team (15 and 21 points respectively). They’ve won six league titles consecutively—the only German team to have ever done so—and seven of the last ten titles. In the Bundesliga’s 55-year history (this season is the 56th), Bayern has won the most titles (27)—five times as many as any other team.

The most nail-biting aspect of each season in the Bundesliga in the past six seasons has been the relegation battles and the resulting relegation play-off games between the 16th placed team from the 1st division and the 3rd placed team from the 2nd division. There are entertaining games during the season of course. However, there’s rarely, if ever, any suspense over which team will win at the end of the season. In England, it’s one of three (Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd) and in Spain, it’s one of two or three (Barça, Real or Atletico) title contenders**.

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With Bayern’s competition dropping points so early and the unlikelihood that Bayern will drop many points this season, it’s difficult to fathom any other outcome than another 1st place finish for the Bavarians, which would be their 7th consecutive league title.

**Based on the winners in the past ten seasons