Real Madrid may be undefeated this season but they have now dropped four points from drawing two of their three away games so far this season, games one would assume easy pickings for the team.  However, this was not the case against Mallorca, where Real Madrid created chance after chance but their profligacy got the better of them and hence they ended up settling for a draw.  In that match up with Mallorca on opening day, Higuain had some excellent chances and he fought for every ball.  There were calls he should have gotten but the referee decided against it and waved play on.  However,  in the match he received some great passes from the midfield that, had it been last season all over again he would have buried those opportunities in his sleep but his touches were bad throughout the game.  For instance, there was one particular play where he received a rare pass from Ronaldo who was centered on the edge of the box and being the selfish human Ronaldo is he could have went for goal but instead passed it off to Higuain into space on the left who should have BURIED that chance but instead he goes for a placed shot into the bottom corner and it was easy for Aouate to get down to and hold on.  Again, in the Osasuna match back at the Bernabeu Higuain had a few chances which he squandered including a lovely through pass from Ozil to find him on the left of the box where he should have taken a delicate touch to bring it down and then hit it into the net easily but instead his touch was bad and it took the ball wide of goal and naturally one would assume he’d hold it up and pass it off to a team mate streaking into the box but instead from an acute angle he tries to go for a goal and of course I need not say what the end result was.  Our most recent game against Levante was just the latest catastrophe (maybe too strong a word but it paints the picture well) for Super Pipita (as he is known to the Madrid faithful).  Within five minutes of the match Higuain missed a complete sitter!  Marcelo came running down the left and sent in a low curling pass to Pipita, who might I add was onside, in the six yard box but managed to blast his effort over the bar, one chance a player of his class should not be missing, it was harder to miss than score but Pipita managed the more difficult.  I hope my readers aren’t getting me wrong because I am truly a HUGE fan of Higuain. I think he is a classy player and a quality stirker.  This is the guy who became Super Pipita in the 2007-08 season when every time he came in off the bench he scored a goal including, providing the assist for Robben to head in against Osasuna on the 85th minute before striking in the 88th minute himself to secure the championship for the team four games ahead of the league finale that season.  The following season he followed up with a superlative display literally carrying the team on his back while filling in for the injured Ruud Van Nistelrooy and scored an astounding 22 goals including his 4 goals that season against Malaga to secure a 4-3 win at the Bernabeu.  The following season he scored 5 more goals than his previous season’s tally and followed up with a hat-trick in the World Cup: South Africa against South Korea and he became the first player to score a hat-trick at the World Cup since 2002.  He managed a total of 4 goals at the World Cup: South Africa, one less than the eventual Golden Boot winner, Thomas Muller.  At the age of 22, I do believe and know that with the potential he has and the quality he has shown over the years since being at Real Madrid and while he was at River Plate also, will lead him to becoming even better.  Also, he has enough time to perfect his game which could help him on his way to becoming one of the greatest talents the game has ever seen.  However, with his poor start to the season I do believe it is time that Mourinho either thinks about playing with two strikers in Higuain and Benzema or he gives Benzema his chance to prove his worth to the many unconvinced Madrid fans (clearly I am not one because Benzema is definitely an immense talent!).

Ronaldo fans I suggest you look away because I am no huge fan of Ronaldo and I will give him his praises where they are deserved but I will not shy away from giving him flack and now is the time for the flack.  I have no problem with a special player, a game changer, a man that can create something out of nothing, magicians, certainly the Messi’s, Ronaldo’s, Ronaldinho’s, Zidane’s etc.  Without a doubt I love and enjoy watching those classy players but when their ego becomes bigger than the team, well my team and their interests become bigger than my team or their goals are completely different from my team then that is where the amusement ends and the sorrow begins.  Cristiano Ronaldo is absolutely one of the more brilliant players in the game but what separates him from the likes of a Zidane or a Messi is his selfish nature and his childish complainer behavior.  Be a man, get on with the business, fight for the ball, stop trying to retaliate with silly kick outs at opponents!  His selfishness or should I say his “professional hunger for success” (as he and his followers refer to it) is getting the better of him as he is constantly trying to do things on his own, taking tame pop shots at goal when he has available team mates in space, sometimes shots that are not worthy of mention or replay because of where they end up when he hits them.  This anxiety he has when it comes to scoring or the interminable desire for always being the star of the show is doing Real Madrid more harm than good.  For example, last season against Almeria after he missed a penalty that Benzema followed up on to bury the rebound and while every other team mate ran across to celebrate Benzema’s goal he stood up on the penalty spot staring into the heavens upset. Now why was that necessary? Any true kind-heart human being, no matter how upset or disappointed they were, would have ran over and congratulated their team mate on scoring and helping to secure the three points for the team.  So far this season his anxiety for scoring has gotten even worse.  It is no big problem when a player craves to score goals, like Ruud Van Nistelrooy, who’s team mates have described him as constantly thinking about scoring while he himself stated that he repeatedly dreams of scoring goals and how he scores them.  However, when it becomes all a player thinks about so much to the point that his team mates are ignored then it becomes a BIG problem not only for the player’s reputation with his team mates but also the team on a whole.  A friend of mine recently said that Ronaldo plays as if he thinks the team is Ronaldo & friends rather than Real Madrid C.F. and I’m inclined to say I completely agree.  I don’t know who is giving him this false sense of belief that he is the mayor of Real Madrid or the General who must win the game for the team, I don’t know if it is the pressure of the absurd transfer fee spent on him or he just honestly believes it but he needs to realise that this is Real Madrid C.F. NOT Cristiano Ronaldo & friends and start involving his team mates more!

I am not worried about the team not scoring plenty goals because it is something that comes with a new coach imposing his style upon a new team and Mourinho’s team in general are not known for scoring a lot of goals, especially under his guidance in their first season.  As well, Real Madrid possesses the quality players that can provide the goals and in due time I know they will come.

In an interview today Mourinho had this to say

“My own experience in football allows me to remain calm and to have some weight to say I hope my team gives spectacle. I normally achieve what I strive for in football, but I can’t make any promises. Building a team has many stages and my team is doing well in every aspect of the game, but it isn’t scoring goals, or at least it isn’t scoring enough for the chances it gets. Goals will come; there’s no problem.”

Hence, if he isn’t worried then I am not worried because the team will provide us with goals sooner or later.

You can read the entire interview here.